Healthcare & Wellness (H&W) can help you !

Are you looking for an experienced and recognised company in the healthcare sector to develop a project in health or wellness which may include hospital, clinic, wellness centre or other health facilities?

We advise governmental bodies, institutions, ministries of health and other stakeholders in developing healthcare projects at international level.


At Healthcare & Wellness we are dedicated
to the development of healthcare programmes.

We focus on two aspects: design and development of innovative health & wellness programmes and partnership with leading educational institutions for transfer of knowledge. Based in Luxembourg, we support your future healthcare projects in Europe and Middle East.

Concept – « We Care » 

Our concept « We Care » places the care path at the heart of the city, defined by « Living better », « Ageing well » and « Caring together ».

It is meant to ensure maximum comfort to continue living in dignity and autonomy in a safe healing environment.

Dr Bernard LEFEVRE, CEO Healthcare & Wellness.


Our values and commitments

At H&W, we put all our know-how at your service to maximize the quality of life and well-being of all your patents and residents. The goal is to provide them with a healing and well-being experience going through their care path in our facilities. Each step should allow them to flourish freely in a safe environment for themselves and their families.

Our core values and commitments in working with you to develop your medical project:

  • Ethical approach,
  • Health Excellence,
  • Innovation in care path for patients,
  • Sustainable development.

Implementing healthcare and well-being innovative models by providing the best care to every patient through integrated global health solutions combining medical &wellness practices, transfer of knowledge & education, innovation & research.

These values are the reflection of the philosophy of our team members and co-founders, coming for most of them from the Health Services of the French Armed Forces.

You plan to develop a medical or a wellness project and you need strong expertise.